Two employees of Kingdom Schools in Riyadh are dead and a security guard is wounded after a shooting and stabbing rampage by a disgruntled former employee.

An Iraqi former Islamic studies teacher carried out the attack on Wednesday morning, using a knife and revolver to kill two staff members, one a Palestinian-American and the other a Saudi national, according to Arab News. An Asian security guard was injured as well.

"We regret to inform about the incident that happened at the school administration building this morning caused by a disgruntled former employee who fatally shot two of our staff members and wounded a third," Chairman of Kingdom Schools Talal Al-Maiman said in a statement, reported by Saudi Gazette

School officials said the former employee had been fired four years ago due to anger issues and an unstable personality. The school made it clear that the incident was not terrorism related.

No students were present when the attack occurred, as the school had closed about a week before the start of Ramadan. Other staff were reportedly in the school during the incident.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who have been affected by the incident,” Al-Maiman said, following the attack.

On social media, many are sharing their sadness and condolences

"There's no power or strength but in God. May God have mercy on their souls."

"May God have mercy on their souls. They were good men, both died while observing the Ramadan fast, may they rest in heaven."