If you're Arab, you've probably come across the tradition of naming the first- born boy after a paternal grandfather.

The custom still runs in countries across the region including Saudi Arabia, where it's currently being hilariously trolled.

It all started on Friday, when Twitter user Yousef Abdullah posted a meme about the phenomenon. 

"If you're the first born boy and your grandfather is called 'Moqhes,' (old Saudi name)." 

His post went viral and inspired countless memes

"I died."

1. "Imagine you're called Finjal or Mehmas"

2. "When I was born in the U.S. and heard my father say we're going back to Saudi Arabia"

3. "If I was born and discovered my father listens to Rabeh (Saudi singer)"

4. "If I was born and my father was an anime fanatic"

5. "When you're born and realize your father wears colored socks"

6. "If I'm born and my father supports Real Madrid"

7. "When the baby is born and discovers I am their mom"

8. "When you discover you're a girl in an Arab country"

9. "Was this baby born with debt in his name?"

10. "My face when I get a text from Saher (Saudi Arabia's electronic traffic management system)"