Every Ramadan, the culinary whizzes of Egypt tend to get creative – most would say a bit too much – with desserts.

Their attempts to create a best-of-both-worlds scenario and amalgamate the classic Ramadan sweets with other desserts almost 99.9% of the time make us drool. 

We live in the age where plain konafa is boring (and almost blasphemous); konafa with mango is the norm, and konafa with avocado is an actual thing.

As soon as the holy month ends, the desserts go back to normal; this year, however, they aren’t – and that is mainly why we have trust issues. 

Egyptian bakery, Dukes, has decided to do the unimaginable and drag out Ramadan’s dessert fiesta for Eid by creating red velvet kahks (we know, right?). 

We have a lot of questions for you; number one: how dare you? Your red velvet should’ve stayed in Ramadan where it belongs. We don’t need the extra calories this Eid - kahk alone is bad enough as it is. 

More importantly, how did we not think of this delicious creation before?

We can’t help but feel yay, as well as nay when thinking about this red velvet and kahk fusion. 

We’re not quite sure whether we’re ready for what this red scrumptious buttery treat means for the future of Eid, but we think we’re on board - at least this one time. 

Dukes also have the kahks available in Nutella and pistachio.

God help us all!