Less than two weeks ago, volunteers distributing food and drinks to UAE residents who were still on the road during iftar time, were in for quite a surprise. 

As they carried out their duties, the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed, stopped by to offer them water and drinks, Khaleej Times reported on Friday. 

A video of the moment was captured on camera, then shared on social media platforms where it went viral. 

The Ruler of Dubai is seen seated in the passenger seat of his "4WD, while an official from his entourage" hands out water to volunteers. 

Originally posted on June 14, the video continues to make the rounds online and has garnered thousands of views.

Thanking volunteers for their efforts

The volunteers seen in the most recent video, belong to the Ramadan Aman (Safe Ramadan) campaign, which provides food and drinks to people on their way home for iftar. 

The campaign aims to curb car accidents often caused by speed, as people rush to make it home it time for Adhan Al Maghreb. 

According to Khaleej Times, Sheikh Mohammad wanted to give back to the volunteers of the campaign and thank them for their efforts. 

Watch the full video here: