Dubai's Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department has issued a religious edict, fatwa, against the use of your neighbor's Wi-Fi!

“There is nothing wrong in ­using the line if your neighbors allow you to do so, but if they don’t allow you, you may not use it," the fatwa said.

The logic behind the fatwa is that hacking into a secured Wi-Fi network is both morally and ethically wrong, as it is similar to crossing property rights of others.


Even if you spend your days like this...


Don't even think about it because you'll be sentenced to a 1,000 AED fine!


However, if the account was not secured from the start, there is no legal accountability against the person.  “Only if he hacks into the account is the act prosecuted by the cybercrime law," said Uazan Al Rawashdeh, a legal advisor, according to The National .