Every year, Aquaventure Waterpark at Dubai's Atlantis The Palm closes down for one day for maintenance, during which thousands of liters of water are drained from its massive water slides.

Three world-class skateboarders took advantage of this golden opportunity for an exclusive, never-to-be-repeated Red Bull skateboarding session titled "Waterpark Lockdown," on some very risky terrain.

Italian skateboarder Alex Sorgente, Argentinian skateboarder Milton Martinez and German skateboarder Jan Hoffmann occupied Atlantis' Zoomerango and Aquaconda, the largest water slide in the world.

The huge rides served as incredibly thrilling and equally dangerous skateboarding spots for the three pros, who had the chance to test their skills on "some of the world's biggest and most treacherous natural transitions, complete with seams, sprinklers, fallaways and any other number of heart-stoppers," according to Red Bull .

The three daredevils took on more than 150 meters of twists and turns on Zoomerango, as well its 14-meter wall, all from a height of 25 meters above The Palm island. They then moved on to the nine-meter wide pipes of the world's water slide champion.

Atlantis' Aquaventure is an award-winning 17-hectare waterpark. It is ranked the number one waterpark in the Middle East and Europe. In addition to the water slides, the waterpark consists of a variety of facilities such as the Tower of Poseidon, the Tower of Neptune, a massive beach and a number of river rides.