It's the stuff of Sci-Fi, which of course, is nothing new for Dubai

Facial recognition software will be tested at Dubai International Airport, allowing travelers to enter the country without waiting in line to show their passports. 

UK-based ObjectTech signed an agreement with Dubai’s Immigration and Visas Department to test its biometric border control system, according to Biometric Update

The cutting edge technology will simply allow travelers to pass through a tunnel, which will scan individuals' faces while they walk into the country, determining if they are granted access.

Using digital passport information, taken from the electronic chips contained in physical passports, the "biometric border" walkway uses facial recognition software to identify passengers in record time while they are still in motion.

"This is an identity that is fit for the digital age," Paul Ferris, co-founder and chief executive of ObjectTech, said, according to The Telegraph.

"Not only will it make international travel quicker and safer, but it also gives people back control of their personal digital data," he said.

In addition to facial recognition, the digital passports will contain information such as fingerprints and iris scans. The new technology also provides greater security, creating a "self-sovereign identity" ensuring that only the holder has full control of the data. 

ObjectTech also says the digital passports are more secure, harder to counterfeit, more accurate than current passports and cannot be lost. 

The aim is for individuals to be able to conveniently store more information on their passports in a private and secure way; including financial details, addresses or location data from a mobile phone. The testing phase of the technology will begin in Dubai later this year.