The world of online dating can be quite daunting, at times even extremely bizarre, and things aren't so different when it comes to Muslim dating apps. 

Earlier this week, tweep Nabila Shiraz found proof of just that when a friend sent her a message about a man she had come across on Muslim dating app Muzmatch.

Named Humza Rafique, the man lists himself as unemployed and serving jail time. 

While it remains unclear whether his profile was fake, Shiraz was having none of his nonsense and hit back at the incident in a Twitter thread that has since gone viral. 

It all started when Shiraz posted this

In one of her tweets on the matter, Shiraz wrote:

"It’s really unfair to think that the Bar has been set so low for the men but yet the women are expected to be perfection personified."

In another post, she added that she personally tried using the dating app before and couldn't find anyone on the same level of her interests.

Tweeps certainly took note... some even claimed they know the man

Others shared this point of view

Many had doubts over his profile though

And thought it was fake

A few just couldn't even with the whole thing

And had a meltdown over it

"'I'll marry you or whatever' this guy is reliable"

Some joined in on this

Of course someone had to respond with a meme

This tweep turned the man's profile into one

Muzmatch has since responded to the thread

In response to Shiraz's Twitter thread, Muzmatch responded saying that the man's account was immediately blocked from their website. 

When the tweep pressed on, asking whether the man's profile was fake and questioning the application's verification process, they replied with a tweet that read:

"Indeed we have selfie verification. Unfortunately we cannot comment further on that account."