A Saudi nurse is being hailed as a hero after she donated part of her liver to a little girl who she'd never even met. 

The woman, now identified as Abeer bint Atallah Al Enezi, had previously contacted "Your Liver," a local charity who works with people with chronic liver disease, listing herself as a donor. 

In a statement to Okaz newspaper, Al Enezi said she now hopes her story will motivate others to help patients in dire need of organ donations. 

Soon after it was first reported by local Saudi news outlets, the young woman's story went viral on social media. 

The news is now all over Arab Twitter

Many are hailing Al Enezi as a hero

"Mercy and sacrifice."

"Mashallah... morals and humanity at their best"

"There are still good people in this world"

"She deserves to be honored"

"This defines humanity"

Not the first time someone donates an organ to a complete stranger in Saudi

Source: Al Arabiya

Earlier this year, the story of a Saudi man who donated his kidney to a complete stranger also made the rounds online. 

Mohammed Jomaah Al-Banna, a 34-year-old private sector employee, donated one of his kidneys to a secondary school student, Wijdan Al-Enezi, who had been suffering from a chronic kidney disease since she was six years old.

At the time, Al-Banna said his family and friends completely supported his decision and admired what he chose to do.