In a bizarre attempt to diversify its caliber of animals, a Cairo-based zoo has painted a donkey in black and white stripes to pass it off as a zebra, thinking no one will notice.

The animal sanctuary - located in Cairo's International Garden municipal park - had only recently opened its doors to the public when Mahmoud A. Sarhan visited the zoo on July 21 and noticed something odd about the "zebra".

He got a little closer and noticed that the animal's skin was painted. 

Sarhan subsequently shared a photo of the close-up on Facebook, which went viral soon after.

According to local media, a number of vets in the country confirmed that the animal is indeed a donkey.

However, the director of International Gardens Park, Mohamed Sultan, denied the allegations.

Still, people on social media can't get over the failed attempt...

"This donkey applied for immigration"

"I'm worried they'll get a cat next and say it's a cub"

Source: Facebook

"Hats off to the people of Egypt"

"Working smarter, not harder"

"News story of the week"