Twitter user @ImadAtieh recently decided to share his insights with the world ... on Arab men. 

In a tweet shared in mid-October, the Palestinian Twitter user wrote: 

"Arab men don't cheat." 

Naturally, the tweet was followed by a wave of responses from people that beg to differ. Humor and sarcasm dominated the conversation ... all in an attempt to counter Atieh's claim. 

"First of all, la shu el kezeb"

Countering the claim with facts

Drawing parallels: "And the sea is yellow ... and a rooster can fly"

Did you know "Arab men" spelled backwards is CHEATING?

Some resorted to GIFs to describe their mental state

When polygamy comes to bite you in the ass

Not once, but twice

But ... it's not April Fool's yet

Simply put, his claim is seriously the "joke of the year"