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Last week, Eminem lashed out at US President Donald Trump in a new freestyle rap video that was aired at the BET Hip Hop Awards

In the explosive 4.5-minute video titled "The Storm", the American rapper and songwriter blasted Trump's racism and failing policies in what CNN has described as "the fiercest and the most exhaustive attack against Donald Trump in hip-hop".

From describing him as "a kamikaze that will probably cause a nuclear holocaust" and "a racist 94-year old grandpa", to blatantly cussing him and his supporters, Eminem pulled no punches in expressing his rage towards the controversial US president

Apart from accusing Trump of hypocrisy and disrespecting military veterans, Eminem stood up for Muslim immigrants, whom the president has been trying to ban from the country ever since taking office. 

"Racism's the only thing he's fantastic for," raps Eminem

In "The Storm", which was shot in his hometown Detroit, Michigan, Eminem made reference to the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, saying: 

"I'ma walk inside a mosque on Ramadan ... And say a prayer that every time Melania talks ... She gets a mop - ahh, I'ma stop..."  

He went on to express solidarity with immigrants who have fallen victim to Trump's notorious "Muslim ban" which limits immigration from several Muslim-majority countries. 

"'He's gonna get rid of all immigrants' ... 'He's gonna build that thing up taller than this' ... Well, if he does build it, I hope it's rock solid with bricks ... 'Cause like him in politics, I'm using all of his tricks."

This, in addition to criticizing Trump for failing to adequately address the hurricane that recently hit Puerto Rico and propose gun reform following the shooting massacre in Las Vegas.

Towards the end of his performance, the rapper addressed his fans who support Trump and asked them to choose between himself or the president. 

"You're either for or against", he explained. 

"The rest of America stand up ... We love our military, and we love our country ... But we f****** hate Trump," Eminem concluded.

Here's the full video:

Trump's feud with Islam

Throughout his presidential campaign, Trump reiterated a rhetoric that often blurred the lines between Islam and radical extremism. 

He had called for a blanket ban on Muslims from entering the United States and suggested building a database to register Muslims in the country.

Soon after taking office, he signed an executive order banning the entry of immigrants and refugees from several Muslim-majority countries into the US.

Known as the "Muslim ban", the executive order has since been modified and challenged in courts on multiple occasions.