Muslim engineer, author and activist Yassmin Abdel Magied has been making the rounds online for fighting Islamophobia, and American singer, songwriter, model and actress Solange Knowles (aka Beyoncé's sister) is beyond proud. 

Magied joined Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie in a Q&A session on ABC News where Lambie said supporters of Sharia law should not be allowed in Australia. 

Magied refused to let Lambie get under her skin. Instead, she challenged her knowledge on Islam and more specifically Sharia Law. 

"My frustration is that people talk about Islam without knowing anything about it and they're willing to negate my rights ... simply because they have an idea about what my faith is about," Magied said during the session. 

The senator then goes on to disregard Magied's argument about Islam and its feminist outlook on women.

"The fact is we have one law in this country and it is the Australian law. It is not Sharia law," Lambie said. 

"Do you know what Sharia law is?" Magied asked Lambie in an attempt to shut her down. 

She goes on to mention that if Lambie's main concern is to protect Australians, then Lambie should know that she is in fact Australian. 

Solange Knowles was beyond proud to see Magied courageously shatter Islamophobia

"Keep fighting the good fight, inshallah"

The bold and beautiful Yassmin Abdel Magied ... ladies and gentlemen

Following the heated debate, a petition was launched online, demanding ABC News apologize for broadcasting the senator's views, which were described as "racial abuse."

Over 2,000 people have signed the petition at the time of writing.  

Following the session, Magied also released a video explaining to the world what "Sharia law" actually is, in an attempt to rectify common misconceptions. 

Keep fighting Yassmin!