Everyone talks about Egypt's ancient pyramids but Sudan actually has more than twice as many.

You see, around 800 B.C., a powerful Nubian dynasty took power, building an empire from modern-day Sudan upwards through Egypt and stretching all the way to Libya and Palestine. These "Black Pharaohs" believed themselves to be the true sons of the Egyptian god Amun. 

They wore crowns with two cobras, one for Nubia and one for Egypt. Egyptian culture experienced a renaissance under their rule and the Nubians built hundreds of pyramids. Today, you can still see the impressive remains of this powerful ancient civilization.

Meroë, an ancient city on the east bank of the Nile, sits some nine hours driving from the city of Soleb. The area features more than 200 pyramids and they are definitely worth exploring.

These ancient tombs cast long ominous shadows across the desert landscape

But don't worry, no mummies will come out to haunt you after sunset ...

The geometric architecture is truly astounding

Sand and ancient stone come together forming an impressive landscape against the blue sky

So much incredible history ...

So much ancient ingenuity ...

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