The "hijab grab." That's an actual thing now thanks to Islamophobia, but some strong Muslim women are teaching others how to fight back.

A number of stories have made the rounds online of hijabis getting their scarves torn off in places like London and even on airplanes.

Just 24 hours after Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential elections, a number of women swapped their hijabs for hats, because they were terrified of what might happen to them in Trump's America. 

In response to the growing hate, women began releasing self-defense videos to help hijabis fight their attackers - with the most recent being the "Self Defense Starter Kit" - a collaboration between two Muslim women and the International Women's Initiative for Self Empowerment (WISE). 

Step #1: Always drop your chin

Step #2: Don't be afraid to turn towards your attacker

Step #3: Elbow-to-Chin

Step #4: *Face Palm* in action

Step #5: With a side of ... kicks in the groin

Reminder: Practice, Practice, Practice

Hijab grabbers will never come after you again

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Time to build your "personal toolkit"