It's extremely uncommon to see someone treating their beloved mom in the most sexist way possible, especially on a beautiful occasion such as Mother's Day.

It could have been as easy as getting her chocolate and flowers, but someone decided that a cake with 3D cut-outs of detergents, Dettol, and Fairy, is the best way to express their love and appreciation.

It all started when a Twitter user, who goes by the name Rawane Nasser, shared a photo of the cake with the caption, "Screw the person who made this cake and how they think." 

On Tuesday, the post quickly went viral and the disturbing cake received a lot of backlash from tweeps across the Arab world.

While generally, mothers in the Arab world have had stricter gender-roles and a patriarchal upbringing, many people thought reducing her to nothing more than a housekeeper is extremely insensitive, sexist, and offensive.

Like many others, the user who originally posted the photo shared her thoughts on the matter.

Nasser commented on how regressive the idea is

"To look at your mom as a housekeeper means you're an animal who didn't care for the emotions she gave you and focused only on your animalistic instinct to satisfy your hunger."

"This only happens in our regressive Arab countries"

"We don't even treat our maids that way"

"If I was their mom I'd make them drink chlorine"

Some called it disgusting

Others called it disrespectful

And extremely offensive

"If someone got me this, I'd throw it in their face"

"How does the person who sees their mom like that see their wife or daughter?"

Apparently, this wasn't the first cake of its kind

Another Twitter user claimed to have seen a similar cake posted by a bakery in Ghazieh, Lebanon. 

The cake, which is decorated with various cleaning supplies and a washing machine, also has comments like "I want to know where all this laundry comes from" and "take your shoes outside please" scripted on it.

This wasn't the first time a sexist Mother's day gift goes viral. 

In 2015, an agency specializing in recruiting maids sent out a message encouraging people to "indulge" their mothers by gifting them a housekeeper for Mother's Day. 

The agency later apologized for sending out a sexist, racist message and was reportedly shut down