The case of a Saudi man who divorced his wife after a video of her dancing at a wedding went viral is causing quite the stir on Saudi Twitter.

Earlier this week, details of the shocking incident were posted online by Saudi lawyer Mohammed Al Jathalani, who said the woman is related to his family. Al Jathalani explained that the husband left his wife after someone sent him the footage via a messaging app.

He also added that the woman was filmed at the event without her knowledge or consent.

The case started circulating online after Al Jathalani tweeted its details

"My mother told me about one of our relatives who was divorced by her husband after someone sent him a video of her dancing at a wedding! One of those attending the celebration filmed her without her knowledge and the footage was then leaked. Such incidents are just sad. Between the crime of the woman who secretly filmed the wife and the crime of the regressive husband who unjustly divorced her, even though she did nothing wrong."

It's now making the rounds on Twitter

Soon after the lawyer posted his tweet, several news outlets reported the story and it's now making the rounds on Twitter. 

A few people tried to defend the husband's actions, saying that it's justified and his reaction is understandable because he lives in an ultra-conservative society.

However, the majority of tweeps were having none of those excuses and hit back on the platform.

People just can't even

"Where's the problem if the footage went viral and people saw it??? Enough of this regression and stupidity. It was a wedding and she didn't know she was being filmed, what's her fault in all this?" 

Some are blaming the woman who filmed the footage

"It's unacceptable for the woman who filmed the footage to share it." 

Many hit back at those defending the husband's actions

"He destroys an entire family for no reason! No one is upsetting me as much as those hailing him for what he did... our society is made up of so many regressed people." 

"This husband is regressed, it's better that she got rid of him"

"Good riddance"

"Natural human behaviors in an abnormal society leads to catastrophe"