Over the past weekend, visitors to the Al-Ula mountains were pleasantly surprised to see Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman casually touring the archaeological sites in Madinah.

Numerous Saudi tourists rushed to take selfies with the Crown Prince, who readily agreed. Soon after, many of the pictures and videos were posted on social media and went viral. 

A video shows a man expressing his happiness at meeting the country's Crown Prince during his tour.

The carved mountain rocks are the most important characteristic of Al-Ula which dates back thousands of years. Al-Ula is also the largest archaeological city in the Kingdom and home to the Madain Saleh site.

“He stood with us and we took pictures, he was very friendly and patient, even though we were confused and not prepared. We invited him to stay with us but he apologized as he had business appointments to attend to,” Bandar al-Enezi told Al Arabiya.

Watch: Saudi Crown Prince surprises visitors to the Al-Ula mountains

MbS was more than happy to take selfies with his countrymen...

Smiles all around...

In June 2017, Mohammad bin Salman (MbS) was appointed as Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince and heir apparent to the throne by his father, King Salman. 

Since then, he has already proven on multiple occasions that he is serious about reforming the kingdom and Saudis across the country have shown their support towards him.

"Proud to have such an ambitious leader"

"...he always puts Saudi people's interests as his priority"

"God bless you."

"I support and pray for you dear MbS."