While we routinely hear stories of abuse and hardships endured by domestic workers in the Middle East, there are many heartwarming ones as well.

It doesn't erase or remove the problems with the kafala system and societal racism, but this young Qatari man's heartwarming tribute to his Filipina nanny shows that, despite the flaws, incredibly positive relationships can be formed between immigrants and the families they work for.

Speaking in Tagalog, the primary language of the PhilippinesQatari writer Nasser Al-Naama describes the lasting bond he and his family has formed with his nanny Yaya Zubaidah.

The video has since gone completely viral

"I always conceived us to be a family of seven; the 7th member being our nanny from the Philippines – Zubaidah," Al-Naama says in the video.

"For more than twenty years since my birth she became a quintessential part of my entire family’s life and I can’t imagine what my upbringing would have been like without her in it," he says.

"An immediate kinship with Filipinos"

"I feel an immediate kinship with Filipinos anywhere I go in the world," Al-Naama adds.

"As a Qatari, I sincerely want to thank the Filipino community in Qatar for all their hard work and undeniable contribution to the development of this country."

And Filipinos are saying thank-you

"Your heart is so pure"

Qatar is a "second home"

Watch the full video below: