Saudis are no strangers to humor, but this time they took trolling to another level.

On Thursday, a hashtag titled "Do you speak English or not?" began trending on Saudi Twitter.

Earlier this year, a report detailing the English proficiency in several countries showed an increase in English skills among Saudi nationals. The kingdom's English proficiency levels stand at nearly 44 percent.

Naturally, people used this moment to break the stereotype based on the assumption that Saudis only speak Arabic.

To say a flood of jokes ensued is an understatement.

"I aspik inglsh"

"Feri wil"

"Ca'nt bileve some poeple ca'nt spake it in 2018"

"Yes I kan"

"Brofeshonal speeker"

"I teacher you inglish corse"

"Way you asc?"

"I tok Englizy"

Others shared some English phrases that are close to their heart

"Give me one burger of chicken"

"Chez burger without chez"

It seems as though Saudis love burgers!

Others joined the conversation in a more serious manner

"I want to learn more"