It all started when Lebanese Twitter user @HelenaHajj shared a screenshot of a conversation she had with a guy, who apparently refers to himself as "L Salloum".

The tweet was first shared on May 8 and has since gone viral. As soon as the internet caught on, a flood of jokes ensued.

People couldn't help but mock Salloum's obsession with his genitals and himself as a man.

Subsequently, Hajj trolled him in the most epic way ... and it has now become a source of inspiration for memes.

How it all started...

The guy went from vulgar to romantic real quick

But, Hajj didn't hesitate to play along

How it all ended...

Yes, the conversation between Helena Hajj and Al Salloum may have ended, but the jokes on Twitter have only just started. 

The backlash to "ana L Salloum" took the internet by storm

And then it became a T-shirt

Customized shirts to the rescue

"Available in all Salloum sizes"

On hoodies, too!

A flood of memes were born

Yup, lots of them

What happens when L Salloum approaches you:

New pickup line?

L Salloum brings all the girls to the yard...

"God dammit Salloum"

And then there were those who had other priorities