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In the latest case of abuse against women in Saudi Arabia, a heartbreaking video of a woman pleading for help went viral on social media late on Sunday. 

In the footage, the woman, who's from Sabya, says her older brother and his family beat her and threw her out of a house she shared with them, along with her ill mother and her two children. 

She also goes on to explain that when she went to report the abuse to police, they asked her to bring in her male guardian. 

"How do I bring in a male guardian? My father is my guardian and he's nearly ninety years old. He's also blind and unable to leave the house due to several illnesses. Please help me, I beg you to help me," she said. 

The video message has gone viral on Saudi social media

The woman's call for help went viral on Twitter and sparked outrage among tweeps, many of whom criticized the response the woman got from authorities. 

After it started making the rounds online, Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Labor announced it had dispatched a team to deal with the woman's case and help protect her. 

Many were moved by the victim's story and took to online platforms to attack the kingdom's male guardianship system which rendered her helpless and unable to file a lawsuit against her abuser. 

Under this system, which is still in effect across the kingdom, a male guardian, usually a father, brother, or husband, has legal rights over most major aspects of a woman's life, including her freedom of movement and ability to work.

The woman's words moved thousands on social media

People were left outraged...

"Every day there's a story, every day there are pleas! What kind of country is this, there are no laws applied whatsoever, there aren't people who have shame. Is it even possible that this woman's video is real?"

That's quite an understatement though

"What happened to the victim of abuse in Sabya violates the royal order which clearly states that a woman doesn't need the presence of a male guardian when accessing government services." 

"No you can't file a complaint, your male guardian has to come in and report himself"

"And if he doesn't, you just end up homeless in public parks."

Others were heartbroken over the video

"For women across the globe, there's one God... except in Saudi Arabia where there's one on earth and one in the sky"

The fight to end the kingdom's male guardianship system

Saudi women have long been fighting against the kingdom's male guardianship system, and even though they've made significant strides in recent months, they remain subject to its rules. 

However, in April last year, a positive change was announced by King Salman who ordered government agencies to allow women to access government services without a male guardian's consent.

While the order is considered a positive step forward and a sign that could possibly signal the beginning of the system's end, it still doesn't mean complete freedom for women.