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Source: Al Riyadh

The most memorable classes for students are always those that take place outside of the classroom. It could be a visit to a river to learn about type of fish or it could be something a bit more intense. OK, a lot more intense.

In Al Taif, Saudi Arabia, an Islamic studies teacher thought it would be a marvelous idea to conduct a class at a local morgue to teach his students how to "prepare bodies for burial." 

Pupils were reportedly involved in the process of washing and clothing a corpse. According to Al Riyadh newspaper, their teacher arranged for the lesson to be photographed.

The bizarre class made headlines in the country after news of it was circulated online and left many angered. The controversy pushed Al Taif's Education Authority to launch an investigation into the incident. 

In a statement to press, the authority's official spokesman, Awad Al Khadidi, explained that Al Taif's Education Authority's manager, Talal Al Luhaibi, ordered a committee to follow the investigation.

This comes after Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Education asked the local authority to look into the matter. Al Khadidi explained that officials were concerned over the fact that young children were involved in the class.

As the "morgue class" continues to make the rounds online, it's dividing people on Twitter. 

Despite the outrage and astonishment, the teacher is reported to be a nominee for an Excellence in Teaching award. Several teachers and parents seemed to be OK with the practical class being given at the morgue. Some defended the teacher by saying he was giving students a practical application of theories.

But, then there were many who believed the lesson is flat-out unacceptable.

"A practical class, where's the problem?"

"Investigating? Instead of thanking him?"

But not everyone was happy with the class

"Psychologically, it's very hard for these students to witness this. (I am an adult, and if it weren't to say my last goodbyes to my loved ones, I wouldn't have gone to a morgue)! It's such a difficult and painful situation." 

"They're too young to live such an experience"

"These children's facial expressions say it all."

"All other classes are taught theoretically, did you have to teach this one practically?"

Because there are other ways to do this

"We thank the teacher for his dedication but there are other ways to demonstrate this lesson including using a dummy."