After a long-standing and widely criticized ban on Saudi women driving was lifted earlier last year, many female members of society will be getting behind the wheel for the first time ever.

Millions of women in the kingdom are eagerly awaiting the decision to take effect in June. One of them is a Saudi bride who asked her soon-to-be husband for a 500,000 riyal ($133,300) Lexus car as part of her dowry.

While that might be considered over the top, it seems the woman wasn't about to let go of her will to own a dream car and demanded that the groom fulfill the condition for the wedding to go ahead.

His reaction? Walking out on her before the marriage contract was even signed.

"I am not against women driving, but I didn't expect her demand"

Speaking to local news outlets, the groom told his side of the story, saying that when he asked for the woman's hand in marriage, her family told him they didn't want a dowry.

"They said they only wanted me to fulfill their daughter's only condition and at the time I didn't even ask what it was. On the night we were supposed to sign our marriage contract, I was shocked to learn that her demand was a luxury car," he said.

"Me and the sheikh, who was there to officiate the ceremony, immediately left the place because I decided to end things right there," he added.

When asked if he was against women driving, the man said he wasn't.

"I only decided to end things because I was worried about my life with her after marriage. I'd rather look for someone who would consider my financial situation," he explained.

Soon after local news reports on the story showed up online, they went viral on Saudi Twitter.

Tweeps couldn't believe what they came across...

Thousands of people have since been reacting to the matter, sharing their thoughts on it. While some thought the bride's demand was over the top, others felt it was her right to set conditions before getting married.

Some just couldn't with the news story

Others were quite upset and posted offensive tweets like this one...

"No, they've gone too far!! Even if you were more beautiful than the sun I wouldn't buy you a car and one that costs half a million. To hell with you and those who raised you." 

Not all those who disagreed with the bride were disrespectful though

"A young man can barely put together 150,000 riyals and that's if he applies for a loan and slowly pays it back and you want a car worth 500,000!" 

Many thought it was her right to set conditions to the marriage

"This is how our religion works, she has a right to set specific conditions and he has a right to reject or accept them." 

Some hailed her over the decision

"You go, girls, keep moving forward."

"If she wanted to marry this person, she wouldn't have set such an unrealistic condition"

"This is an excuse because she doesn't really want to get married"

"Stupid men, you know nothing about us."