A Saudi high school teacher was left bleeding and injured after one of his students punched him in class, Sabq news site reported on Thursday. 

The attack, which took place at a school located in Al Taif, went down when the educator was registering attendance.

When he got to the perpetrator's desk, he called out the student's name, who stood up and punched the victim.

The shocking incident went viral on Saudi Twitter after images of the teacher being treated by paramedics started circulating online last week.

The incident sparked outrage on Saudi Twitter

The student, who ran away from school after the incident, will possibly face legal charges in the case.

According to Sabq news site, the student has been transferred from another school due to similar actions

Over the weekend, the kingdom's education authority in Al Taif announced that it has launched an official investigation into the case.

However, that still did little to calm things down on Twitter, where hundreds were still upset over the incident.

While a few tried to defend the student

"He must've belittled him in front of his fellow students. No student would attack a teacher like this for no reason at all." 

Others were having none of it

"This student has no manners."

Many were relieved that authorities are investigating the case

"Yes, police action is the solution here. However, our education system and its rules are the cause of this." 

"Until when will these reckless students be allowed to get away?!!"

Not the first similar attack reported this year

This isn't the first time a similar attack against a school teacher is reported in Saudi Arabia.

Earlier this year, the case of a student who beat his teacher with a rock, leaving him with a head injury, infuriated Saudis on social media. 

In 2017, a student in the kingdom's city of Dhahran also attacked his teacher, injuring him in the face.

At the time, an investigation into the matter was launched and authorities said the student would face disciplinary action.