A young innocent Saudi student died outside a school in Saudi Arabia's town of Bisha earlier this week after a drifter crashed into its gate area, Okaz newspaper reported

In his statement on the matter, the head of Bisha's Education Authority, Naji Al Sebei'i, said the drifter lost control of his vehicle, crashing it into the school building and killing the young boy who was entering the premises. 

He also added that the case is now being investigated by authorities who are expected to refer it to prosecution.

The incident sparked outrage on Saudi social media

Soon after news of the case broke in the kingdom, it went viral on social media, sparking a social media meltdown of the sorts. 

Hundreds have since reacted to the incident with anger, while others called on authorities to crack down on drifters. 

"This drifter must be held accountable"

Many were left upset

"He died because of this man's recklessness, what's his fault?"

"This is what drifting ultimately leads to, the death of innocent victims"

Others prayed for the child

"May he rest in heaven."

Drifting continues to be a major issue in the kingdom

Drifting, also known as "tafheet" in Saudi, is a car stunt that's practically illegal in the kingdom. 

At least one driver gets into an accident in the country every second and an estimated 20 people die per day due to speeding, drifting, or reckless driving.

Those who are found drifting on roads or in secluded desert areas often face heavy fines and sometimes even jail sentencesHowever, even though authorities do impose punishment on drifters, this hasn't stopped many from taking up the activity as a hobby. 

Drifting events are still common across the kingdom and authorities continue to fight the dangerous phenomenon.