If you're living in Saudi Arabia, you know just how special the kingdom's local fast food chain - Al Baik - is. 

You would drive hours just to get Al Baik's broasted chicken and fries into your system, and those living in Riyadh have had it the hardest with no nearby branches. 

But, that seems to be changing as the fast food chain has announced its plans to open up a new branch, 20 kilometers from the city of Riyadh. 

"Praise be to God almighty ... we are spreading our love to all Al Baik fans in Riyadh by opening up a branch 20 kilometers from the city in the governorate of Al Muzahmiyya," Al Baik tweeted on Wednesday. 

Al Muzahmiyya is considered to be "one of the largest growing towns in the Riyadh province."

In 2015, the food chain opened its first restaurant outside of Hejaz in Buraidah, Qaseem. That was followed by another branch in Jizan in 2016, also a first in that area. 

People of Riyadh, brace yourselves ... Al Baik is coming!

Good news? More like the best news

The wait is finally over

Before the announcement, the situation was something like this ...

"Me ... when Al Baik finally opens"

Some people admire the place's exclusivity

Others are calling out the "dramatic people of Riyadh" for their over-excitement

And others want to know why it couldn't just open directly in Riyadh ... rather than 20 km away

Jokes aside, Al Baik deserves a warm welcome!