A Saudi high school in Mecca is going viral on Twitter for hosting the wedding of a final-year Burmese student who lost her father earlier during the academic year.

According to Akhbaar 24, the city's Khadija bint Khowailid's school officials decided to surprise the young woman with a wedding party after being told she had married but couldn't afford to celebrate the union.

The student, who's an only child, had lost her father a few months prior and was facing difficult circumstances in the wake of his death as she and her mother were dependent on him.

Soon after his death, the student married in a quiet religious ceremony but never held a wedding.

When the school became aware of her situation, they decided to use a free session during a school day to celebrate with her.

The unique school wedding made the rounds on Saudi Twitter

"She was going to marry without a celebration... but a high school in Mecca surprised the Burmese student with a wedding." 

School friends, teachers, officials, and the student's mother attended the wedding held at her school.

As news of the celebration circulated on Twitter, many reacted to it. 

Here's a little of what people had to say: 

A few tweeps criticized the gesture...

"A wedding in a school... where are we living, they'd be punished if the Ministry of Education heard about this."

And raised this point...

"It's great that they made this orphaned student happy but they should have held the wedding somewhere other than inside the school campus, why didn't they have it in her house, what would have been wrong with that?!"

Some said a high school student is too young to be getting married...

"A high school student? She's young, why is she getting married so early?!"

Others didn't see anything wrong with the celebration though

"Regardless of all the criticism and the regressed minds, attacking these people and the place the wedding party was held at - bringing joy to the heart of a person who lost a parent is one of the most valued good deeds. God bless you for it."

Some thought it was a beautiful idea

"Oh my, this is such a beautiful gesture, may God bless them for it."

Many were incredibly moved by the whole thing

"I just started sobbing uncontrollably."

Some thanked school officials for their move

"She absolutely deserves this and we thank the school officials for this kind gesture."

"Mashallah, this defines mercy and humanity"