Saudi prince Mashhoor bin Talal bin Saud, who allegedly threatened civilians with a gun during a street fight earlier this week, has been arrested along with 4 others involved, Al Arab reported

The arrests come days after a video capturing the street fight went viral on social media, sparking outrage among users in the kingdom. 

In his statement on the matter, the official spokesman for Riyadh police, General Fawaz Al Meeman, didn't name the defendants but noted that all those seen in the video (including the young prince) were identified and arrested. 

"Riyadh police officers were successfully able to identify those involved. They include 4 Saudis and a Sudanese expat. They have all been arrested and authorities have now confiscated the weapon used in the brawl," he explained.

The now-viral video of the fight has angered many...

Soon after the video of the street fight went viral online, thousands of Saudi tweeps reacted to it with anger, calling on authorities to take action against those involved. 

People are relieved that they were arrested

"Yesterday we launched the hashtag 'A prince threatens civilians with a weapon.' Today King Salman ordered his immediate arrest. Thank you to everyone who called for this." 

"This news made me so happy"

"The great Salman won't let these outlaws threaten the safety of civilians"

Many are calling on those involved to face legal consequences...

"Hopefully Mohammad bin Salman will order a trial and throw this prince in jail."