Late on Tuesday night, footage allegedly showing a Saudi prince threatening civilians with a gun during a street fight in the kingdom started to make the rounds online and has since gone viral.

According to UK-based Al Araby, tweeps accused Mashhoor bin Talal bin Saud of being the gun-wielding perpetrator in the video, with many demanding the prince to be held accountable for his actions.

While some called for his arrest, others suggested the member of the widely-respected royal Al Saud family was just frustrated and angry over the recent detention of his brother - the billionaire businessman Alwaleed bin Talal - during the nationwide crackdown on corruption...

"A new disaster..."

"A new disaster... terrorizing the streets, illegal number plates, holding weapons and threatening death..."

"[Crime] against a civilian is a red line"

"Silence towards these crimes is what allows it to continue. A civilian is a red line"

Some said this...

"O' Muslims, are you sure we are in Saudi Arabia or in a terrorist state? After the embarrassing situation with the killer prince, there is a new farce: Prince Mashhour bin Talal threatens a civilian with a weapon."

Whilst others questioned how many crimes the prince had committed without being filmed...

"The question is how many crimes has this prince committed without being filmed"

"He is probably just angry because of the arrest of his brother..."

"He is probably just angry because of the arrest of his brother, Alwaleed bin Talal"