For millions of Muslim students across the world, Ramadan can be quite difficult, especially when it falls during a period of final exams. 

This is why many coordinate with their supervisors to ensure they're able to make the most of the holy month while also keeping up their academic performance. 

These students include Nuhaa Soeker, who studies at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in South Africa. 

Earlier this week, the student emailed John Higgins, one of her professors, asking if students will be allowed time to break their fast during an exam which coincides with iftar. 

His insensitive response led Soeker to tweet out a screenshot of the email conversation via a Twitter thread that has now gone completely viral. 

It all started when the student sent this email to her professor:

To which he responded:

The student then added this clarification...

And tweeps completely agreed that the response was unacceptable...

The professor's "sarcasm" angered many

"It’s actually disgusting"

"He could have asked without being rude or sarcastic"

People raised these important points...

"Tell him you'd intended to bring a gas cooker and make a hot meal right there"

Others had questions...

Not everyone was angered by the distasteful response though...

UCT has since responded to the viral thread...

As hundreds of people tweeted at UCT, demanding that its officials take action over the incident, the university responded via a tweet. 

A document was also published on the university's official website, which stated that students observing Ramadan will be "accommodated" during exams.

"Students who wish to break their fast during the 17:00 exams in the month of Ramadan will be accommodated as well as those who wish to do their daily prayers. Students have on previous occasions sat quietly at their desks and broke their fast. Students are also allowed to take a short break should they wish to exit an exam session, during which they will be escorted by an invigilator."