On Sunday, Saudi police arrested a teenage girl and three men who appeared to be drunk in a live stream on Instagram, Sabq news site reported

According to local news sources, the girl in the footage was distraught and asked the defendants to drive her back to her mom in Riyadh. 

The incident, which took place in Ha'il governorate, was reported to authorities by social media users who came across the clip. All four individuals seen in the footage have since been tracked down. 

The men are now being detained in a local jail while the 17-year-old girl has been transferred to a women's care center. Their case has been referred to public prosecution. 

People who've viewed the footage online said the girl was given pills and forced to take them during the live stream. 

Many were outraged by the incident and speculated whether the detained teenager had been kidnapped by the men. 

It remains unconfirmed whether the girl had gone out with the men or was forcibly taken. 

*The clip is available online but we choose not to share it in line with ethical standards.

"The live stream shocked me"

Some couldn't even with the footage

"I saw part of these clips and couldn't finish watching, they played this girl."

Many thought the teenager might've been kidnapped

"It looks like she was kidnapped, those who uploaded the clip must be reported to police."

"They should apply the strictest punishment on these men"

"Underaged means she's a child"

People thanked police for making the arrests

"Police officers did a great job."

"What's going to happen after these arrests?"

The girl may face charges in the case

The men who appeared to be drinking in the live stream will certainly face criminal charges in the case since consuming alcohol is strictly prohibited in the kingdom. 

If it turns out the teenage girl was kidnapped and forced to drink, she's likely to be released. 

However, if she had gone out with the men voluntarily, she might face charges in the case because its illegal for unrelated men and women to be found together in a "khulwa" (a private meeting) in Saudi Arabia.