In no way does it matter how old you are, if you're Arab then you've got Fairuz's best music playing in the background at the moment - or with what Lebanese love most, a cup of coffee in the morning. 

From a poor, young girl who couldn't afford a radio in the 1940s, "Safiritna Ila Al Noujoum" (Our Ambassador to the Stars) became a magical stop on the device she once wished to own. 

Born on this day, November 21, in 1935, Nouhad Wadih Haddad was raised in a Christian family in one of Beirut's less-privileged areas, Zoqaq Al Blat. Being the eldest sibling, she helped take care of her two sisters and one brother, still finding time to steal a few listens from their neighbor's radio

One day in 1947, as young Nouhad was singing at a school party, a teacher from the Lebanese Conservatory, Muhammed Fleifel, was struck by her voice. Without second thought, Fleifel enrolled her in the National Conservatory. Later on, singer, composer, and head of the music department at the Lebanese Radio Station Halim El Roumi helped propel Nouhad to stardom. 

She took on the name "Fairuz" - meaning turquoise - sometime in the 1950s, after Al Roumi suggested her voice reminded him of a precious stone.

Source: Al Mashriq

Fairuz has sung what could be a good 1,500 songs, with over 50 albums in her name. 

She has accumulated many honorary titles throughout the years including "Jarat Al Qamar" (Neighbor to the Moon) and "Rouh Lebnan" (Lebanon's Soul,) along with numerous keys to cities which were offered to her upon her international visits. 

The one key she holds dearest to her heart would be that of Jerusalem from her pilgrimage in 1961. She wholeheartedly sang for Palestine, with the most recent record "Until When, God?" dedicated to the victims of the Gaza protests in May.

For the Lebanese legend's 83rd birthday, Arabs from all around the region took to social media to portray their profound love and admiration. 

From different parts of the world, here's what people had to say to Fairuz:

"Happy Birthday"

Palestine keeps her at heart

"Your voice is unforgettable"

"Her voice makes me hopeful that everything will go right in life"

"The most beautiful inspiring voice of all time"

People shared their favorite Fairuz songs

"She could change your mood anytime"

"It's the moon's birthday"