A Saudi man who was on a trip to Dubai won one million dollars through the UAE's Duty Free Millennium Millionaire draw. 

According to Arabian Business, the winner, Mohammad Al Hajeri, had purchased the winning ticket over the internet earlier in May. 

In a statement he made after he was announced as the lucky winner, Al Hajeri thanked organizers of the draw, adding:

"This is the first time I've ever won in a draw. I am delighted."

The win sparked a heated debate on Saudi Twitter

News of the win sparked controversy on Twitter soon after it started circulating on the platform. 

Many said Al Hajeri won through a draw which constitutes a form of lottery or gambling, things considered haram (unacceptable in Islam). 

However, others thought there was nothing wrong with taking part in such raffle draws and congratulated the man on his win.

Some envied the man on winning the grand prize

"A million dollars, that's 3,740,000 riyals. May God kindly grant us a privilege like this." 

"Lucky man"

Others were pretty excited for him

"Mashallah... may you enjoy spending this money."

"We're now winning lotteries..."

"We're now winning lotteries, no difference between halal (permissible in Islam) and haram (unacceptable under the faith)." 

Many labelled the prize a form of gambling

Others thought this isn't a form of "lottery"

"This is a coupon prize competition and not a lottery." 

Regardless, some still thought it's haram

"This is unacceptable in Islam and if you don't believe this, look for the edict on it." 

"It's haram, no question about that"