Source: Sabq

On Friday, CCTV footage captured the death of a man who collapsed while praying in a mosque in Saudi Arabia. 

According to Sabq news site, the man's death took place inside the premises of Al Mandoubiya mosque in Al Deilemi, a small village located in the kingdom's Bisha governorate.

Speaking to the local news site, Mohamad Shaalan Al Aklabi, a resident of the region, confirmed the tragic news and announced that the deceased was a Pakistani expat named Abed.

The man had lived in the kingdom for 23 years and worked as an electrician. Local officials are now in contact with his family and are set to arrange his funeral.

In the tragic clip, the man can be seen falling to the ground

In the footage - which was widely circulated on Saudi Twitter -  the man can be seen wearing what appears to be a dark colored abaya (floor-length garment.)

Soon after he stood from a kneeling position, he fell backwards and collapsed. Men seated next to him can be seen rushing to his aid.

The short clip shocked hundreds on the kingdom's social media. 

Tweeps who knew Abed were left in shock

"May God have mercy on your soul Abed. This is a Pakistani man who lives in Al Deilemi in Bisha."

Others mourned his loss

"May God have mercy on his soul." 

He left this world in peace

"He didn't suffer and no doctor bothered him."

"We belong to God and to him we return"

Not the first time such an incident is reported

Last year, the death of a man during prayers, held in Jeddah's Al Farqan mosque, also made headlines in the kingdom. 

At the time of the incident, Sheikh Mohammad Al Ghazali - the cleric who was leading the prayers - issued a statement confirming the man's passing. 

A video capturing the incident also went viral online shortly after it took place.