The case of a Saudi groom who's being sued by a relative because he refused to pay him 5,000 riyals ($1,333) after he reportedly helped him find a bride is causing a social media frenzy in the kingdom.

According to Al Madina newspaper, a 50-year-old man is suing the groom, claiming that because he helped him meet his bride's family and sign the marriage contract, he must be paid.

Local sources said the man had witnesses who claimed the groom promised him a "gift" in return for his help with the nuptials. However, no specific amount of money was agreed between the two individuals.

The groom had to cut his honeymoon short to attend a court session in the case

The defendant in the case cut his honeymoon short and returned to the kingdom to make an appearance in court. 

"Speaking to a judge the groom said there was no agreement between him and his relative when it came to a monetary reward for helping him find a bride. He also added that he thought the man was helping him out because they're related and didn't think he would be obliged to pay him for any matchmaking services," Al Madina newspaper wrote.  

The newlywed stated he is now willing to settle the case and pay his relative 2.5 percent of the 25,000 riyals ($6,600) he gave his bride as a dowry. 

A court in the kingdom's Al Yanbo'o area has now referred the case to a resolution committee before a judge can make a decision over it.

After several local news outlets reported the story, it divided people on Saudi Twitter.

Some felt the man might have had the right to sue his relative

"If they had agreed that he'll be paid 5,000 riyals for helping the couple get married, it's his right to get them. If there is no agreement over the matter, then he shouldn't expect to be given anything." 

Others just couldn't even though...

"This isn't a wife, you're treating her like a commodity"

"One person asks for 5,000 riyals for her and another says no I'll give you 2.5 percent for her." 

Many were understandably upset over the incident

"Courts shouldn't even look into such cases, they should throw this man out of court. Such cases treat women as if they are commodities, what judge would leave important files to get busy solving such nonsense." 

"No one does anything for free these days"

"He ruined this couple's honeymoon"

People feel for the bride stuck in this marriage

"Oh god, I can't sympathize with anyone other than the bride who has to deal with these two men."

"Arranged marriages often end with nonsense"