Considering it's 2018, one would assume the majority of people have finally learned the difference between Islam (the religion) and Muslims (those who practice the faith).

Except, that doesn't seem to be the case...

This week, a hashtag titled "Fine Women From Islam" began making the rounds on Twitter, in which only a slight percentage of people actually shared photos of themselves.

Instead, the majority of tweeps used the hashtag to call out its creator for unashamedly mistaking "Islam" with "Muslim."

Confusion at its finest

"How are you from a religion?"

"Islam is not a place"

"Can someone point to Islam on the map?"

"Dora the Explorer" GIFs came in handy

#FineMuslimWomen would have worked just fine

*Face Palm*

Why does such a hashtag even exist?

Ultimately, #FineMenFromIslam followed ....

"Can someone tell me where Islam is? Cause I’ve never heard of it"

"Speak Muslim to me"

A laughable, long overdue mistake