Signs banning any public display of affection were recently placed around several beaches in Kuwait and have now sparked an online controversy.

According to Al Qabas newspaper, the signs were spotted by people in the Gulf state earlier this week.

They not only ban PDA, but also prohibit people from smoking shisha, walking their pets, and wearing "revealing" clothes around these public spaces.

Soon after they were put up, tweeps uploaded images of the signs to social media and a heated debate over the matter ensued on Twitter. 

The news is all over Kuwaiti Twitter

While some people thought the signs were needed to stop people from violating the country's values in public, others were having absolutely none of that.

Here's how the controversy played out online:

Some people were all for the signs

"This a good thing, especially when it comes to teenagers." 

And thought they're a great idea

"Honestly, this is a good decision, even though it came a bit late. Some people don't express their love except when they're in public spaces, even when there are children around. Express your emotions and feelings at home and don't share them in public, because they disgust us." 

"These types of signs are also all over the place in Dubai... there's nothing wrong with this"

However, not everyone was happy about them

"Are they serious?"

Some tweeps just couldn't even with the news...

Others were left shocked

"Oh my God, I can't believe this."

Some made hilarious memes out of the signs

"Her: Where are you, love? 

Him: I am walking outside Marina.

Her: Tell me you love me...

Him: Forgive me, I can't do that...

Her: Oh... why?

Him: There are signs here saying that public displays of affection aren't allowed."

"They want to control everything... even people's emotions"

"Guys, this means they want you to do things in secret"

"Who's going to feel like they want to express their emotions in Kuwait when the temperature is 60 degrees"

The sign trolling was endless

"So we won't see anyone cry, laugh, or get angry on the beach... these are all emotions, you know." 

"So I can't cry at the beach now?"

"What's allowed, everything is prohibited... we'll just sit and look at the sea"

Publicly displaying affection is illegal in several Gulf countries

Whether it's in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, or even the UAE, almost all Gulf countries ban PDA in public.

In Saudi Arabia, it's illegal for a couple to even meet in public if they're unrelated.

In Dubai, a code of conduct published by the government's Executive Council states that "displays of affection between couples – whether married or not – in public places does not fit local customs and culture."

According to the code, holding hands for a married couple is permissible but kissing and touching are not. Under the emirate's laws, these acts are "considered an offense to public decency," and are therefore punishable. 

The code of conduct applied by Dubai is also applicable (with slight variations) across the UAE.