Cover Photo #1 Source: Egypt Face

Earlier this month, Egypt's Minister of Communications and Information Technology Yasser al-Qadi announced the government's ambitious plan to create its own social media platform, one that would eventually compete with non-other than digital media giant Facebook. 

Subsequently, the domain was registered, which was followed by a functioning website.

Egypt Face, which ironically displays the country's beloved hero and Liverpool footballer Mohamed Salah's face as a "cover photo" - as Facebook calls it - is now Egypt's very own blue-icon F.

Cover Photo #2 Source: Egypt Face

Al-Qadi said this move comes as an initiative to combat terrorist ideologies, which often grow and spread on the internet.

"The Egyptian state has a clear strategy in the fight against extremism through thoughts," he said, according to Egypt Independent. 

"We should be able to protect data and help our citizens achieve stability in the country," al-Qadi said in a workshop held at the Ministry of Justice, Egyptian Streets reported

Al-Qadi also mentioned an increase in the government budget when it comes to information technology exports in Egypt, a directive issued by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. He also added that many other social media platforms will be created in the future.

As the number of Egyptian IT exports reached $3.6 billion in the past two years, al-Sisi plans on increasing the amount to $10-15 billion.

Yehia el-Kedwany, a member of the parliament, reportedly said Egypt Face "will protect the national security and pave the way to control social media," adding that the decision is a "great step".

Cover Photo #3 Source: Egypt Face

What should look like a national platform, has the design and layout of a blog trying to replicate Facebook. The social media page is currently available to use in three languages, English (U.S.), French, and Arabic. 

Besides Salah's face, two other photos are displayed as cover photos on the homepage which allows website visitors to sign in or up. You can also share your profile on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and by email. 

Africa News website reported a 500+ membership subscription so far, adding that members will be able to upload photos, videos, audio files, and other types of posts... just like Egypt Face's American counterpart.

People started subscribing...

... and might have confused it with Instagram

Egyptians aren't as excited as expected

"Officially: Egyptian Facebook was launched.

How I felt after I saw the Wordpress layout they used."

Jokes were there to lighten the mood

"Minister of Communications and Information: We will soon have our own Facebook.

You have to get the 'friend request' application from Madame Afaf on the 4th floor." 

Google Translate was sure to be used

More memes followed the news

Someone already claimed "Sisi" as a username

People are curious, to say the least

Others simply can't believe it