Dark humor might be misunderstood sometimes, but when it comes to racism, it's usually clear as day.

When someone, especially a celebrity with thousands - let alone millions - of followers and fans, posts about mistreating the domestic worker they've hired, it somehow becomes a matter of public opinion. Don't you agree? 

Earlier this week, Saudi make-up artist and public figure Sarah Al Wadani - who's no stranger to stirring online controversy - uploaded a Snapchat video that went viral. In it, she films a domestic worker tidying up her baby son's vast closet and makes fun of the fact that she overworks her. 

Whether she wanted to boast her baby's closet that more or less embodies a baby clothes shop, or the fun she has while mistreating the domestic worker, she sure angered many. 

Captioning her post, Al Wadani wrote: 

"I drove her insane. Everyday we reorganize the outfits and sort them according to age and color. Today, I decided to make her redo them based on height." 

The footage didn't go down too well with thousands, who criticized the celeb for filming the domestic worker and boasting about overworking her.

"Sarah Al Wadani ... What is this!!!!!"

Some were angered by Al Wadani's Snapchat upload and deemed her comments offensive to the domestic worker. Others thought she was exploiting the worker in order to show off her child's closet.

Not everyone attacked the celeb's video though, some felt she was joking around. But if this was a joke, it certainly backfired.

"Why is she boasting about driving this worker insane?!"

"Is it even possible that all these outfits are for a new born?! Sarah Al Wadani, infants outgrow their clothes really quickly, you won't even be able to dress him in all these. Also, why is she boasting about driving this worker insane?!"

"She's joyfully laughing at the fact that she drove this woman insane and tired her"

"What she's doing is sick! I swear it's an illness. There will come a day when you have to be in her place and someone will do the same to you." 

"She drove her crazy?? I honestly can't even comment on this"

"People have become boastful about demeaning human beings"

Not everyone had the same thoughts on the matter

"I don't follow her and can't even stand her but the truth must be told. Before she got married, she had an Ethiopian domestic worker living with her and she used to treat her like a sister. I don't know if this is the same worker or not but I am sure the video is spontaneous. Plus, where's the problem if the worker reorganized the clothes, she's just pulling out hangers. If she washed these outfits she'd have to put them back. It's normal, relax. It's no longer a trend to benefit from raising domestic worker issues." 

Some people tried to defend Al Wadani

"It's just like when our clients make us repeat our work 100 times to get it right. Stop being judgmental about nothing. There's nothing wrong with this video." 

Not the first time Al Wadani sparks controversy

This isn't the first time the celeb causes a stir on social media as her posts and videos often anger followers. Her statements about several issues, including harassment, have also been heavily criticized in the past. 

In 2017, the social media personality sparked outrage after she said women who are subject to harassment are to blame for it. 

In a video posted to Snapchat, Al Wadani said:

"I launched my career in 2013, and in all my years of work I've never been harassed in any way even though I work with men every single day. It all really depends on how a woman handles herself around men, how she behaves and talks to them that makes a difference here."

Al Wadani's statements were heavily criticized on Twitter. Amid intense backlash, the social media personality issued a clarification. In it, she explained that she didn't mean "sexual harassment" but "flirtation."

Her attempt at explaining herself also didn't go down too well with the public.