Popular Saudi make-up artist and social media personality Sarah Al Wadani caused quite the stir online earlier this week.

This came after a video - which she intended to upload on her private Snapchat account only - was sent through her public one. 

In the now-deleted footage, the celebrity is heard talking about the size of her breasts, saying that because they grew too big she needed to buy new bras.

Even though the clip was deleted just a minute after she posted it, one of her followers managed to download it.

The footage has since been uploaded on Twitter, where it has gone completely viral.

The video went completely viral on Arab Twitter...

Leading Al Wadani to issue this statement...

"To those I love, who love me back, there's a video that went viral yesterday... I meant to share it through my private Snapchat account but it was posted on my public one by mistake. I deleted it just a minute after it was uploaded. Anyways, I just wanted to clarify that it was unintentional. Those who are wise already figured that out because they know who I am and what my boundaries are."

However, it did little to calm people down...

Even though she did explain herself, the angered reactions to Al Wadani's Snap clip continued to pour in as it circulated online.  

Many attacked the star, accusing her of lying about unintentionally posting the video on her public account. 

However, others thought the entire incident was being blown out of proportion and came to the celebrity's defense. 

Here's a little of what people had to say on the matter:

Some people were pretty confused over Al Wadani's post...

And attacked those who were defending her...

Some went as far as reporting her to authorities

"I reported Sarah Al Wadani to authorities." 

But there were also many who stood with the Snapchatter...

"What she said was totally normal"

"More intimate things are often shared between friends but you just like to make a big deal out of things." 

"It's clear that she wanted to send this to her friends and publicly posted it by mistake"

"And regardless, what she said is completely normal." 

"You guys just need to join us, here’s a link to 2018.com"