Saudi social media personality Sarah Al Wadani sparked outrage online earlier this week. 

This came after the celebrity shared Snapchat videos from a private party attended by both men and women at a desert camp in Saudi Arabia. 

The footage went viral on social media soon after Al Wadani shared the videos via her account, sparking controversy among many who deemed the entire incident "unacceptable." 

The now-viral videos continue to make the rounds online

Sparking a heated debate on Twitter

People were shocked

"Don't tell me this took place in Riyadh."

"It looks like a disco"

"The disco tent"

Some were quite upset

"These types of camping trips are never fun without family and relatives. What Sarah Al Wadani did is so upsetting. Just seeing her snaps and all the singing, dancing, and boys is so embarrassing." 

Others reported the footage to authorities

"Sarah Al Wadani is organizing mixed dance parties in Riyadh, is this even allowed? I don't think we're at that stage yet."

Others thought the incident was being blown out of proportion

"I don't know why I feel you're making a big deal out of nothing."  

"Her problem is that she's spontaneous"

Many came to Al Wadani's defense

"I don't like her, neither do I follow her accounts... but why are repressed people so upset over this? It's her right to live life her own way." 

Some think there's absolutely nothing wrong with the videos

"This looks amazing,! Why not have events like this in all cities?"