Kuwait's Ministry of Commerce banned a popular seafood restaurant's shrimp ad after it was deemed "inappropriate." 

The ad, which has since been removed from billboards across the country, was used to promote an offer by Shrimpy restaurant. It featured an image of a shrimp with the tagline: 

"You want to hunt Gazelles? Your strength lies in shrimps."

The spot sparked controversy in the country, with many deeming it "sexually suggestive" and "offensive."

In a statement he made on live television, the assistant manager of affairs at the Ministry, Aeid Al Rashidi, said the ban was issued after the ministry received several reports on the matter. 

"We took measures against the restaurant"

News of the ban has gone viral

Sparking an online meltdown of the sorts

While some were angered by the ad

"Honestly, it's offensive."

And called on authorities to take stricter action against the restaurant

"Only a ban? They should hold the restaurant's management accountable for this."

Others just didn't get it

"What's wrong with this ad! Why all the drama?"

Many saw nothing wrong with the ad

"They shouldn't have banned it, it's a superb ad."

And savagely trolled the ban issued on it

"They should've targeted the shrimp featured in the ad... her pose was provocative."

Others just couldn't even

"I am dead"

Many thought the ad was misunderstood

"I think if the restaurant sues the ministry of commerce, they'd win the case because the tagline can be interpreted in so many different ways." 

"Who gave them the authorization to run it? Wasn't it you? (ministry officials)"

Many thought authorities overreacted to the entire incident

"It's an ordinary ad, there was nothing offensive in its content."

The restaurant has since removed the controversial ad

"Why so upset? We've removed the ad mate."