Myriam Fares

A video of a Saudi woman teaching Lebanese singer Myriam Fares a few traditional dance moves on stage caused quite the stir on social media earlier this week. 

The footage was captured at Fares' Dubai concert, which was held in the emirate's Global Village over the weekend, and has since gone viral. 

In it, a fan is seen on stage with the star, who's heard asking her where she's from. The woman responds saying she's from Saudi Arabia. 

A few seconds later, Fares can be heard saying: "Can we dance together if you're from Saudi?" and the fan responds with a yes.

The singer then jokingly presses on asking the fan if her parents will be OK with that and the latter responds saying: "Inshallah." 

Fares then tells the woman she wants to learn a traditional Saudi dance and the two perform a few steps on stage.

The now-viral incident is still making the rounds online

Footage of the incident started circulating online earlier this week and is still making the rounds on social media platforms. 

Just hours after it went viral, the spontaneous performance sparked a heated debate among users.

While some criticized the woman, accusing her of misrepresenting the kingdom and women who wear the hijab, many hit back saying there is absolutely nothing wrong with the fact that she danced on stage. 

Some reacted to the entire thing with sarcasm

"This concert turned into a dance theater." 

Others not so much

"A Saudi woman dances with Myriam Fares on stage... this is disappointing."

Many were angered by the now viral video

"Silliness and shamelessness."

"Is the woman who danced with Myriam Fares happy with what she's done?"

Not everyone attacked the fan though

"What do you have to do with her? I think everyone who's sharing this is just upset because it wasn't them on that stage. They try to shame people when the real problem lies in their rhetoric."

Many came to her defense because "what's so weird about this?"

"Are you taken aback because she's Saudi or because she's a woman who dances... is there a woman on earth who doesn't know how to dance? What's so weird about this?" 

Watch the full viral video below: