Saudi Arabia's Prince of Assir governorate, Faisal bin Khaled, ordered an immediate investigation into a now-viral video capturing a couple dancing in a street located in the city of Abha, Okaz newspaper reported

The princes' order comes just hours after a video of the incident went viral on social media late on Wednesday, sparking a heated debate on Twitter. 

In the footage, a man and woman can be seen performing a dance on a street pavement, while many gathered around them. 

In his statement on the matter, head of the Princes' media and communications office, Saad Al Thabet, said the 'urgent' order demands that authorities arrest the couple who appeared in the footage and asks that they are referred to the country's public prosecutor. 

He also explained that their actions violate the kingdom's religious rules, and go against its social norms. 

The footage has gone completely viral

Just minutes after the video started to make the rounds online, it sparked a meltdown of the sorts on Twitter. 

While some were outraged by the footage, deeming it 'inappropriate,' others thought the incident was being blown out of proportion. 

Here's how the online frenzy played out on social media: 

Some were outraged by the incident

"When bizarre things start to take place we need to stop and say no... where are manners and respect for public spaces? This isn't your own private space, it's not a place where you can do anything you want." 

A few labelled it 'shameless'

"No, this is just too much, how could people be so shameless." 

"No shame or fear of God"

Others just didn't get why it was such a big deal

"Why so serious?!"

Many raised this important point

"I don't understand people who are obsessed with social representation!! This person represents us, the other doesn't. Every human being only represents themselves. If someone isn't causing you any harm, you have nothing to do with them or what they choose to do." 

"The world's newspapers are tired of writing about our ridiculousness..."

"What'll happen if two people danced in a street? Nothing."

Not the first time a dance performed in public causes a stir in the kingdom

This certainly isn't the first time a dance performed in one of the kingdom's streets sparks controversy on Saudi social media. 

In August 2017, a teenager who had performed the Macarena dance at the center of a Jeddah crosswalk was arrested

The arrest came after a video of the teen performing the comical dance went viral on Twitter.