Earlier this week, a video of a woman cheering on men at a private drifting show in Saudi Arabia went viral on social media.  

In it, the woman, who was wearing an abaya is briefly seen waving her arms in the air and dancing. 

As soon as it began making the rounds online, the video sent Twitter into a meltdown of sorts as thousands took to the platform, expressing their outrage. 

The video that's causing the online stir

Intense backlash on social media

While many were outraged over the woman's actions, others noted the irony of the fact that no one was actually focused on the men who were performing the dangerous car stunts

Drifting, also known as “tafheet" in Saudi, is a dangerous car stunt that's practically illegal in the country. 

Those who are found drifting on roads or in secluded desert areas often face heavy fines and sometimes even jail sentences

But the attention on social media wasn't about that at all. 

"If this is true, then this woman is shameless"

"And she's wearing a burqa too!! Where are her parents? Had she been raised properly she wouldn't have done this"

Maybe the woman in the video is actually a man?

"Why are you trying to ruin the reputation of Saudi women! This might be a man wearing his sister or mother's clothing."  

"These videos only aim to harm the reputation of Saudi women"

"Even if she were with her brothers or other male family members, dancing in public is inexcusable"

While the focus was mainly on the woman, a few pointed this out:

"You ignored drifting, which is the most dangerous and important issue here, and only focused on the woman!! Saudi women phobia!!" 

"Drifting is OK, but a woman in a burqa cheering drifters on is unacceptable?"

Not a first in Saudi

This isn't the first time a video of a woman cheering on drifters in public causes a stir online. 

In June of this year, a similar video sparked controversy across the kingdom. 

In it, a woman wearing what was described as a "provocative" and "inappropriate" dress, is seen at a drifting match. 

According to Sayidaty magazine, the woman was arrested by authorities at the time. 

The man who filmed the footage was also taken into police custody.