Source: Doha News

Saudi Arabia has permanently shut down its only land border with Qatar, as tensions between the kingdom and the emirate persist.

Since Monday night, the Salwa border gate has been permanently closed, according to a letter issued by Saudi Arabia's customs directorate and reported the Daily Sabah.

The letter says that Saudi officials ordered the border's closure.

Qatar has been at odds with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE, and Egypt since earlier this year. All four Arab countries ended their diplomatic and trade ties with the emirate on June 5. Qatari media was also blocked in the countries.

Led by Saudi Arabia, the Arab nations have accused Qatar of funding extremists and supporting terrorism throughout the Middle East and North Africa. For its part, Qatar has denied the allegations.

The land border was initially closed shortly after the boycott began. However, during the Hajj season, the land border was once again reopened for pilgrims to pass through to visit the holy cities of Mecca and Medina.

In July, Qatar boasted that it is wealthy enough to withstand the economic blockade from its neighboring countries.

"We have sovereign wealth funds of 250 percent of our gross domestic product, we have Qatar Central Bank reserves, and we have a ministry of finance strategic reserve," Qatar's Finance Minister Ali Sharif al-Emadi said, explaining this would allow his country to withstand sanctions from its neighbors.

The Saudi-led boycott against Qatar has clearly listed its demands but so far, no diplomatic solution has proven fruitful in resolving the crisis.