Source: Pexels

Earlier this week, Saudi traffic authorities in Tabuk got quite the shock during a police car chase. At first, officers thought they had spotted a female driver drifting in one of the kingdom's roads.

They then followed the vehicle and managed to stop the motorist, only to discover that it was a man dressed as a woman.

In his statement on the matter, the spokesperson for Tabuk's traffic authority said the 19-year-old man was immediately arrested, along with another person who was with him at the time.

News of the arrest quickly spread on Saudi Twitter...

Several tweeps thought the man cross-dressed on purpose in order to defame female Saudi drivers, just days after the ban lift on women driving in the kingdom took effect last Sunday.

Many found this theory quite logical, given that drifting - or "tafheet" - is a dangerous car stunt that's illegal in the country.

Others thought the defendant dressed as a woman, thinking he'd get away with the dangerous car stunt because police wouldn't chase a vehicle driven by a female.

Many Saudi women thought this was an attempt to defame female drivers...

"They just want to plant a negative idea about girls, that they'll drift and cause problems in the country after they started driving." 

"Not even a week passed since the order took effect"

"And they've already started"


"He deserves to be arrested, he had such vile intentions"

"He wanted to defame women and got caught"

Others hailed the kingdom's authorities for making the arrests...

"Good on you. May God bless you, our security men."