Source: Slaati

Earlier this week, Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Education announced it will prosecute parents who don't send their young children to school. 

In a statement on the matter, the authority said any parent with a child in primary school who has an absence rate of over 30 percent will be referred to the center of child abuse.

The announcement came just a day after millions of students across the country started their first day of school on Sunday. 

The country's public prosecution had also recently said that not providing a child with the opportunity to access education constitutes a violation of the kingdom's child protection law. 

The news went viral on Saudi Twitter

Many were thrilled with the news

"The best news ever."

"A good decision"

"Education is every child's right"

A few thought this could help female students in specific

"The best decision, because there are so many abused girls who are banned from going to school by their fathers or brothers."

Others disagreed with that

"Is there even a law against abuse? When a girl is abused, they say it's a private familial matter!! Or they transfer her to a care facility and keep her there for life." 

Some just don't get the latest legislation

"What does school absence have to do with abuse?" 

A few also highlighted this point

"It's as if the parent is the one making his kids hate school. My siblings beg me to help them convince my parents to let them skip school."

"I think the solution is to work on getting children to like school rather than fear it"

"And to include several activities that'll make children want to attend."