Saudi authorities announced the arrest of several Egyptian teachers who were caught giving students illegal private tutoring classes, Okaz newspaper reported

The arrests took place in Mecca governorate earlier this week and came as part of a campaign targeting illegal workers in the country. 

In their statement on the matter, Egypt's consulate in Riyadh confirmed the arrests and said it is now collaborating with Saudi authorities to "solve the matter." 

Speaking to Egyptian news site Masrawy, a consulate spokesman said: 

"The women who are under arrest were working illegally in the country, as they did not have work permits and were in Saudi Arabia on dependent visas granted to their husbands." 

"They are currently being held at a deportation center and it's expected that they will be fined. We are working on getting them released soon," the source added

News of the arrests come at a time when the kingdom continues its crackdown on illegal expat workers. 

The news is still making the rounds online

Some are confused by the incident

"This is weird. Why are private tutoring sessions illegal?" 

Others are shocked by it

"Arresting teachers for giving private lessons!! Has teaching become a crime?"

People have so many questions over the case

"They were arrested for privately tutoring students!! Is there a law that bans anyone from giving private lessons?? Would they have been arrested if they were Saudi??" 

A few think the teachers deserve to be arrested

"It's good that they were arrested." 

The kingdom has been cracking down on illegal expats in recent months

In March 2017, Saudi Arabia launched “A Nation Without Violators,” a campaign that gave residency and labor law violators the chance to leave the country without having to pay penalties.

Under the campaign, Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Nayef, Saudi Arabia's Interior Minister, announced a three-month grace period to help undocumented expatriates or those working without official work permits regularize their status or leave the country.

Over 600,000 expat workers were said to have left the kingdom during the campaign.

After the grace period ended, the kingdom said that any expat still working in the country illegally will face strict punishment if caught. 

Between November and December 2017, Saudi authorities cracked down on those who remained in the kingdom without any legal basis, arresting over 200,000 individuals with incorrect work permits and residency documents. 

Officials continue to periodically conduct raids across the country targeting illegal workers.